Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Interesting program

I was shocked to find this among my posts:

(Links obscured. If you really want to pay somebody to tell you how to make a million bucks by this time tomorrow, I'm sure you can find willing parasites accomplices.)


This program is fastest and the easiest way to create
an income stream that can gradually replace your current job or career

Get $349,859.00 For A One-Time Fee Of $29.99!
No Advertising And No Recruiting Required!
Guaranteed Money Within 5 Days!
No Waiting All Payments Are Made When Due!
$455.34 In Products With Resale Rights!

Get $349,859.00 For A One-Time Fee Of $29.99! -


As it turns out, some douche waffle from the Copywriter's Board hacked my gmail account and sent this crap to my entire contact list. And since I've posted via email a time or two, it showed up here as a post.


It also went to a number of my copywriting clients, so I've been doing a lot of damage control with that.

So anyway, rather than take it down, I figured I'd leave it here as a neatly framed testament that SPAM is alive and well on the internet. And, unfortunately, so are the people who serve up this poo.


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