Saturday, December 2, 2006

Website Update - It Just Keeps Getting Better

I have to wonder what website hosting companies think users want in a site design application. My guess is that they think customers want the simulated experience of training a retarded monkey. Does the opposite of what you ask; ignores you at will; sporadically flings poo at you.

I'm working with a new hosting company on this website, and while the tools in the site design center are cool, I can't seem to get some of them to play together. Like the message board. I have this website, see, and I have this message board, see, but they don't like each other, and so they sit on opposite sides of the fence, shouting mildly offensive things at one another. Forget meeting for tea.

In happier news, I'm working on a section of recipes for vegetarians trying to figure out how to make an unobtrusive meal for omnivores, and for omnivores trying to figure out how to make a meal for a vegetarian guest. You know, foreign diplomatic relations. Or something like that.

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