Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Coming around...

Hey all,

Well, with a lot of help from my wife, I've finally started getting back in the kitchen. I have to say, my culinary skills are a bit rusty, but they're coming around.

And... I have finally caught up with the times (well, sorta...) by springing for a new digital camera. It's a bit laughable, really... my digital camera was about 6 years old, with 2 megapixels and a capacity of 4 megabytes. It took AA batteries, for crying out pete's sakes!

Ok, I'm still learning how to use the new one. But I think you'll see some less crappy pics in the coming weeks. :-)

What else... Oh! I'm currently working on my fourth book, entitled The Vegetarian's Guide to Las Vegas. It features vegetarian and vegan options in all (well, most) of the restaurants along the Strip, in the Fremont Street/Downtown section, and in the off-Strip hotels.

It's been really great to talk to the chefs of these restaurants, and many of them have been quite willing to discuss off-menu vegetarian/vegan creations they can provide for guests.

Why the heck am I writing this book? Well, the first time my wife and I went to Vegas, I nearly starved! I mean, I had a great time, but the vegan options weren't well-featured. Vegas has a gazillion upscale restaurants, and unfortunately, the town equates "upscale" with "tons of meat".

When I first started writing the book, I wondered if I would have enough information to merit an entire book on the subject. Turns out, I have enough material for over 500 pages, so I'm going to have to narrow it down a bit.

The other thing that is slowing the process down is that I'm seeking a new publisher for this one. The company that published my first three books is strictly interested in "how-to" works, so this one really doesn't fit with their objectives. I'm negotiating with two publishers right now, but if any of you can think of one that would be a good fit, I'd love to hear about it.

Well, that's all for now... back to trying to figure out this camera. [curmudgeon] Danged electronical contraptions... [/curmudgeon]

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VeggieGirl said...

Welcome back!! Lots of excitement going on :0)

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