Friday, January 2, 2009

Comment Moderation

Blech. I never thought I'd have to do this... but as of today, I've enabled comment moderation.

It really sucks, because I have such a wonderful and creative group of readers... and up until now, giving you free reign on my blog has gone perfectly. I've learned a great deal from all of you, and I hope you'll keep commenting on my posts.

Just so no one thinks they said something to offend me... here's the comment that forced me to make this decision:

Kevin, on my Low Fat Eggplant Parmagian post:

"For an overall informative review of various pills used by people across the world to treat anxiety, erectile dysfunction, depression as well as to facilitate [link removed], just log in to the website [link removed]. An entry to the pill-care zone would acquaint you with the manifold advantages of FDA approved pills for treating anxiety, erectile dysfunction et al and altogether this website would provide you details on how to opt for those pills as well as the correct procedure of administering these pills to your system."

Well, Kevin, I deleted your comment and removed the links here just to piss you off. But I did keep the link to your profile, just so everyone reading knows what a plinth you are.

For the rest of you, my wonderful readers... please don't be offended by my decision. I'm simply committed to keeping this blog crap-free (well, I guess that's dependent on personal taste. After all, I did run over a pumpkin effigy of Criss Angel).

All right... I've gotten that all out of my system. New recipe coming soon....


Maida said...

I get that sort of stuff all the time. Like hundreds a day. It sucks!!!!

VeggieGirl said...

No worries!! I moderate comments too.

River said...

Ugh, spam. I get a few of those comments too and always delete them. They just waste their time with us!

jd said...

I can't believe you deleted that fantastically informative comment! And it was so completely relevant to the post it was left on, too!


Anyway, I don't blame you for pulling the ol' moderator thing at all. I do it myself, just to avoid that type of non-sense.


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