Monday, January 14, 2008

The Veggie Guy is Back!

After a (very) long absence, I'm back!

I've spent the year lerning new things about vegetarian and vegan cooking. I've even bought a dehydrator, and started experimenting with raw food recipes.

If anyone tells you that eating raw is easy, please just look at them weird. It's not easy... it takes a lot of patience (which is not one of my most prevalent traits), and it takes the ability to completely mess up a meal here and there.

Anyway, I won't claim to be a raw food expert, but I will share the insights I have gained over the last year.

I have, however, become something of an expert on creating low calorie and vegetarian recipes, especially those that even dedicated carnivors find appealing. I'll be sharing many of these new recipes over the coming weeks.

So look forward to more recipes, tips, techniques, and resources in 2008!

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